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Orlando Outdoor Signs

Orlando outdoor signs are an essential part of your small business’s marketing plan because you can capture people on the way to work and even running errands.

Having a statement outdoor sign is key to drawing customers into your store. Using your company logo can help reinforce your branding as well as help with brand recognition down the road.

Customers are more likely to shop somewhere they recognize and have seen before. Another important factor to remember is that Orlando outdoor signs are able to work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They’re always present and even if you’re not there it will share your company’s message.

Here are the types of outdoor signs we recommend:

Building Signs

For a small business, a building sign is imperative for your marketing strategy. Building signs are generally mounted to the place of business and are very useful in areas where foot traffic is high.

Having an attractive Orlando outdoor sign that’s mounted to your business will attract potential customers. It acknowledges you’re there, which is very important for a business where you may not be as known in the area. It also gives you the opportunity to showcase your logo and who you are as a company.

Bandit Signs

Not getting the amount of traffic you’d like? A bandit sign could be a great outdoor sign option for your small business. It’s a low-cost marketing tool that makes your company feel more approachable.

A well-branded bandit sign placed in a high foot traffic area will catch people’s attention and create some brand recognition for your company. The low-maintenance design of bandit signs can be less intimidating than grander signs can be at times as well.

Monument Signs

Orlando Outdoor SignsMonument signs are wonderful because just like their name, they have a grand, stately appeal that suits a larger location.

These stand-alone Orlando outdoor signs can make quite an impression and have the room to showcase more of your branding and logo details. When landscaping and lighting are added, monument signs will stand out more than any other sign can. These are generally best suited for larger building locations such as malls, museums, parks, landmarks, schools, etc., as they do require a lot more space to be built.


A key factor for outdoor signs, especially in Florida is that they can withstand the weather! With our solvent printing system, we offer more durable signs for your business that will withstand whatever weather we may be facing. Contact us today for your free quote.

Custom Signs in Orlando

Custom Signs in Orlando

Custom signs in Orlando are your introduction to the community.

Custom signs in Orlando are a key visual element for your business and can have a very effective marketing approach. Signs are the silent salesperson for your comp Signs are the silent salesperson for your company, any, they tell potential clients who you are and what you have to offer without you saying a word.

A well-designed and creative sign can easily draw customers in if done right. Once they’re in, banners and indoor signs can direct and inform them of what you have to offer. Here are just a few of the types of custom signs in Orlando that we can make for your business:

Outdoor Signs

Custom Signs in OrlandoOutdoor custom signs in Orlando are a great way to tell people your business is here! A well-designed sign will capture people’s attention and draw them in. It also has the ability to create brand recognition for your company. People are more likely to shop somewhere that they recognize and they’ve seen before.

For a small business, a building sign mounted to your storefront is perfect. This is especially important if your business is in a high foot traffic area.

For larger establishments, a monument sign can draw people in from afar. They’re much grander in size and give you the opportunity to be more creative and incorporate more of your logo and branding.

If you want your company to feel more approachable, bandit signs could be a great option and would allow you to cover more ground. The low-maintenance quality of the bandit sign allows for a more down-to-earth approach that will reach more people.

Indoor Signs

Interior custom signs in Orlando can be a wonderful low-cost marketing strategy. Displaying promotions can lead to impulse purchases which can significantly drive sales. They also can direct customers to where items are located in your store, creating a more relaxed shopping experience for them. If the customer feels comfortable in your store, they’re more likely to continue coming back.

For service-based companies, the reception area and lobby signs or banners can help promote additional services you may offer but customers weren’t aware of. This will educate them further on the services they didn’t even know about.

If you’re taking your company on the road, a creatively crafted trade show banner will make your company stand out in a sea of competitors. Drawing attention to you and your company will build interest in them wanting to pursue your services.


Ready to get started with your custom signs in Orlando? Contact us for a free quote today to get started!

Custom Printed Promotional Items

Custom printed promotional items are a must for any small business who needs a cost-effective marketing solution to spread the word about their company.

Custom printed promotional items are a proven low-cost marketing method that statistically is very effective! For any business small or large it’s important to incorporate some promotional gift item into your marketing strategy.

A study was completed by the people at and it stated that six out of ten people keep promotional products with them for up to two years, and 85% of them will eventually do business with the advertiser. These two statistics alone should tell you why it’s so important for your company to take part in custom printed promotional items.

Custom Printed Promotional ItemsOne thing to note when choosing your promotional items is to pick ones that will last the potential customer for months or even years, so you stay in their line of sight. Things like pens, water bottles, and coffee mugs will be seen and used almost daily.

Something else to note is that the product needs to be high-quality. You want the product to be of value, sturdy and have your brand and logo clearly defined. This will allow for a broader impact over an extended time.

Here are our three top reasons you need custom printed promotional items:

Low-Cost Marketing

For a small business, marketing can seem like an overwhelming expense. Without a corporate sized budget, you may feel you have no options. Custom printed promotional items are just the low-cost marketing you need!

Gift items and put your name directly into the potential client’s hands and they will keep you in mind. Having something unique to offer such as a stress ball or something for their smartphone will make you stand out exponentially more.

Better Exposure of Your Business and Instant Brand Recognition

TV commercials, billboards, and paper advertisements go by in a flash for your potential customer. They ignore the commercial, don’t look up at the billboard, or throw away the ad, but having something tangible in their hand will keep your company top of mind. If they’re using your pen daily or going to the gym with your water bottle you are not only advertising to them but to those who are around them as well.

Promotional items increase brand recognition if it’s something they’re seeing constantly. Maybe at the time of the meeting, they weren’t ready for your services. However, when they’re finally ready, your company is what will come to mind. This is because they have seen it and used it daily!

Customer Loyalty

Custom printed promotional items can go beyond just free gifts for potential clients. They’re an excellent way to help promote customer loyalty as well.

Having clever, high-quality items such as cell phone cases, t-shirts, or travel mugs will make your customer feel like they’re more involved with the company.

Many people who shop small business, do so because they like to promote community. Allowing them to be apart of the company’s community will not only continue their loyalty but will also introduce your company to those around them.


Ready to get your company started with your own custom printed promotional items? Head to our website to see what options we have for you!

Orlando Business Apparel

Up Your Game With Orlando Business Apparel

There are many possibilities to get creative with Orlando business apparel. We’re uncovering what you could do with printed and embroidered designs.

When you look the part, you feel the part, right? With Orlando business apparel, you can transform your team into a matching, well-oiled machine!

Printed Apparel

Orlando Business ApparelWho doesn’t love a casual Friday? Businesses who usually dress more professional often allow their employees to dress in jeans and a tee on Fridays as a fun way to ease into the weekend. But, if you want to make casual days a little more uniform, we get tons of requests for branded t-shirts.

Searching for Orlando business apparel can be intimidating. You’re designing apparel to fit men and women of all shapes and sizes. That’s why simply putting your brand on a casual t-shirt may be your best bet! It’s a comfortable way to stay on brand and spread your business’ message.

We can print logos, slogans, graphics– you name it, we can do it.

Embroidered Apparel

As conference season comes to an end, we reminisce on all the sharp-looking business professionals who rocked their embroidered polos. At an event as big as a conference, it’s essential to match in order to unify your team presence. By embroidering your logo instead of printing it, you’re sending the message that you’re business-oriented and committed to quality.

Embroidered apparel is one of our more popular requests when searching for Orlando business apparel. We often see managers of businesses investing in embroidered polos so that customers can differentiate between them and their employees. This makes communication easier amongst the team and can encourage a boost in work ethic to reach a tangible goal.

If you’re in need of Orlando business apparel, we have many options to meet your desires! If you have any questions, please contact us today. Our team is experienced in assisting from concept to design and we’d be happy to help you create apparel you love!

Unique Promotional Items

Out of all the possibilities, which unique promotional items speak to you and your business? We’re sharing five that we believe leave a lasting impression.

1. Branded Tumblers

Unique Promotional ItemsBranded tumblers are a great welcome gift to offer new employees or clients. Not to mention, they’re generous to the environment. When you invest in branded tumblers, it says something about your business’ commitment to quality. They’re one of our most popular unique promotional items.

2. Branded Pens

Stop and think about all of the branded pens you’ve seen in your days. They somehow accumulate over time in the office and even at home– which makes brand awareness the most important reason for investing in them. No matter where this pen goes, you’re spreading the word about your business. So, make the content on it short, sweet and to the point (get it?).

3. Branded Journals & Notepads

You’ve probably seen branded legal pads or journals when you enter a new office. This mild form of uniformity actually goes a long way because they encourage work ethic and creativity. When you give someone a blank canvas, you’re allowing them to use it for whatever means necessary.

4. Branded Merch

Some of our most frequented unique promotional items are branded merch, such as lanyards, totes, lip balms, t-shirts, koozies, pop sockets and fidget spinners. These items specifically bring out your brand’s personality and make business events and team bonding that much more fun! It’s always useful to have branded merch in stock because you never know when you’ll need to offer someone a token of appreciation.

5. Branded Banners & Signs

If your business is amongst many in an office building, we’ve seen creative ways of utilizing banners and signs to ensure guests can find your location. Not only do these signs draw attention, but their durability can last for years to come. You can pull them out at business events, conferences, team bonding activities, or anywhere you want people to know your name.

If you’re looking for unique promotional items to spice up your branding, check out our products! There’s sure to be something that suits your business and audience. Contact us today to get started!

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