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How to Choose the Right Winter Park Promotional Products for Your Business

How to Choose the Right Winter Park Promotional Products for Your Business

Here at Image Graphics, we are all about helping business’ reach their full potential. How to choose the right Winter Park promotional products for your business is one way you can really make an impact and get your business known!

What are Winter Park promotional products?

Promotional Products

Winter Park promotional products range from signage to businesses cards; from personalized business pens to cups. Promotional items are products with your customized logo branded on them. Personalized goods will help you stand out, whether you’re at a trade show or at an event. Branded content is the way to go!

PPAI Study

A study conducted by Promotional Products Association International and conducted by MarketTools Inc. found that people can really relate to promotional items and products. That the return on investment for the use of promotional products was worth the cost of purchasing and supplying said products.

Here are some helpful figures about promotional products (Source: Promotional Products Work):

  • 23% would pick up a promotional product no matter what it was
  • 68% would pick up a promo product if they found it useful
  • 83% of consumers in America like getting a promotional product
  • 48% would like to receive these products more frequently

List of Resources

On our promotional page, we have a great resource organized so you can easily find exactly what you are looking for.

From education ideas, if you’re an educator, to construction ideas if you’re in construction; all the way to medical, political and health care ideas. Our list of resources is just that – it’s resourceful to get you the best product for your business.

If you want to know more about Winter Park promotional products and would like to purchase some from your one-stop-shop, contact us a call here at Image Graphics!

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